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Make sure to read and fully understand the relevant warnings before using any of the features in this section. See AIR BAG SAFETY.


Never obstruct the operation of the air bags by placing any part of the body or any objects in contact with, or close to, an air bag module. In the event of an accident, any items obstructing the air bag could cause harm to occupants.


Never place objects over or near the air bag on the instrument panel. Objects can cause harm if the vehicle is in a crash severe enough to cause the air bag to inflate.


Unauthorized modifications of the vehicle or parts may invalidate the vehicle's warranty.

Examples of obstructions include:

  • Any part of an occupant’s body in contact with, or close to, an air bag cover.

  • Objects placed on, or close to, an air bag cover.

  • Clothing, sun screens, or other material hanging from grab handles.

  • Clothing, cushions, or other material covering seat-mounted air bags.

  • Seat covers which are not approved by the vehicle manufacturer, or specifically designed for use with seat-mounted air bags.