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The towing eye at the front of the vehicle is designed for on-road recovery only. If the towing eye is used for any other purpose, it may result in vehicle damage and serious injury or death.


Use extreme caution when moving or recovering the vehicle. Death or serious injury may occur.

The towing eye is located under the luggage compartment's floor panel.

The front towing point is located behind a small access panel in the front bumper.

To fit the towing eye:

  1. Press the lower edge of the front bumper access panel to release the securing clip. Remove the cover.


    Note the orientation of the access cover to aid refitting.

  2. Locate the towing point through the front bumper. Fully screw the towing eye counter-clockwise into the towing point until secure.


    Pass the vehicle's wheel brace through the towing eye, to act as a lever to help rotate the towing eye until it is completely tight.

To refit the access panel, align the lug into the recess in the bumper and then lightly press the panel to engage the securing clip.


Use extreme caution when detaching towing equipment. Vehicle movement is possible which can result in serious injury or death.