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Only use approved accessories. Using any other equipment may damage the vehicle's electrical system and/or cause battery discharge. If in any doubt, contact a retailer/authorized repairer.


It is recommended to run the electric motor when using accessories for long periods. Failure to do so can discharge the battery.


The number of power sockets fitted is dependent on the vehicle's specification. The sockets can be used to power approved accessories that use a maximum of 120 Watts.

Auxiliary power socket locations:

  1. 5V USB sockets.

  2. 12V power socket and two 5V USB sockets at the rear of the center console.

  3. Cigar lighter.

  4. 12V power socket and two USB sockets inside the cubby box.


    For data transfer, use either USB socket inside the cubby box. All other USB sockets are for charging only.

  5. 5V USB power socket at the rear of the driver's seat.

  6. 12V luggage compartment power socket.