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Make sure the relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before using the luggage compartment. See LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT SAFETY.

  1. Bag hooks: The bag hooks should only be used for light weight items.

  2. Fixed anchor points: Use to assist in safely securing large items.

  3. Adjustable lashing eyes: Use to assist in safely securing large items.

If adjustable anchor points are fitted, first turn the locking button counter-clockwise to unlock (1). Press and hold the locking switch while sliding the lashing eye to the required position in the luggage rail.

Release the locking switch to latch the lashing eye into position. The lashing eye is now secured. Turn the switch clockwise to lock. Luggage retention accessories can be inserted into the hole (2) in the lashing eye.


A range of approved luggage retention accessories is available from a retailer/authorized repairer.