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Interior lighting locations and operation:

  1. Glovebox light: Open to illuminate.

  2. Front footwell lights.

  3. Center console lights.

  4. Vanity mirror lights: Lift the sun visor flap to illuminate.

  5. Front door storage bin lights.

  6. Front reading lights: Touch the lens briefly to switch on or off.

  7. Front interior courtesy light: Touch the lens briefly to switch on or off.

  8. Rear footwell lights.

  9. Rear door storage bin lights.

  10. Rear reading light: Press the appropriate button to activate the reading light manually.

  11. Luggage compartment lights.

All of the interior lights, except for the glovebox, reading lights, and vanity mirror lights, illuminate automatically when the vehicle is unlocked, or a door is opened. The lights extinguish approximately 30 seconds after all of the doors are closed, or when the vehicle is locked.


When the low power mode is active, all of the courtesy lights dim the intensity for power saving. See LOW POWER MODE.

To switch automatic illumination of the interior lights off or on, continue to touch the front interior courtesy light lens (7) until the light flashes. The instrument panel displays Interior lights off or Interior lights auto accordingly.


The luggage compartment lights and the lights mounted at the base of each door automatically operate when a door or the tailgate is opened. The on or off status of the interior lights' automatic illumination does not affect the operation of these lights.