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The All Surface Progress Control (ASPC) system has two modes of operation:

  • Descent control mode: Is the default setting when the ASPC system is enabled and the vehicle is stationary. See DESCENT CONTROL MODE.

    The ASPC system uses the braking system to maintain an automatically set low speed, for driving down a steep descent.

  • Full function mode: Is automatically entered, when the ASPC system detects the driver has requested a higher set speed, i.e., using the steering wheel’s speed control switch. See FULL FUNCTION MODE.

    The ASPC system maintains the higher set speed by using the braking system and torque from the electric motors.

    Full function mode should be used for all maneuvers that require the vehicle to gain and make progress. For example, making an ascent, pulling away from a standstill, and driving on unstable and slippery driving surfaces.

The ASPC system automatically exits full function mode and reverts back to descent control mode, in the event that:

  • Neutral (N) or Park (P) is selected.

  • The Electric Parking Brake (EPB) is applied.

  • The vehicle's brakes are firmly applied during operation of the ASPC system.

  • The vehicle is brought to a standstill via light and gentle application of the brake pedal.

In all of the previously listed events, the instrument panel displays a relevant information message.

In the event that the vehicle's brake temperatures exceed the normal operating limits, the instrument panel displays a warning message. In this event, the ASPC system fades out and becomes temporarily inactive. When the brakes return to normal operating temperatures, the message extinguishes and the ASPC system resumes normal operation.

If an ASPC system fault is detected, the instrument panel displays a message indicating that ASPC is not available.

Some detected ASPC system faults may allow the system to operate in descent control mode only. In this event, the instrument panel displays a message indicating that ASPC can only operate in descent control mode. In this event, the set speed is adjusted via the speed control switch. Switching the vehicle's electrical system off and on again may reset the ASPC system.

If a detected ASPC system fault persists, consult a retailer/authorized repairer.