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Make sure all relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before driving the vehicle. See VEHICLE PRECONDITIONING SAFETY .

This screen allows the customisation of vehicle preconditioning.

Vehicle preconditioning departure times may be adjusted as follows:


  1. Preferred charging period: The preferred charging period feature allows a time window to be set to charge the vehicle's battery. The preferred charging period time window allows a cheaper electricity tariff to be used for the charging process, where available. If a departure time is also set, the preferred charging period feature makes sure the vehicle has an optimum level of charge prior to departure. To achieve the optimum level of charge prior to departure, the preferred charging period feature may also charge the vehicle outside of the preferred charging period. See MY ELECTRIC VEHICLE (EV).

  2. Goodbye screen: Touch to switch On or Off. When the electric motor is switched off, this provides an overview of current departure time and charge status capacity. It also allows activation of the preferred charging period for the next charging event.

  3. Delete all departures: To delete all saved departures.