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Make sure all relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before driving the vehicle. See VEHICLE PRECONDITIONING SAFETY .

Vehicle preconditioning provides cabin comfort before entering the vehicle and prepares it for the next departure time. It also preconditions the high voltage battery to its optimum operating temperature when the vehicle is connected to an external charging station.

If the vehicle is left plugged in, battery temperature is maintained within the operating range using energy from the electricity supply. Where a departure time is also set, battery temperature is managed to give optimal performance at the specified departure time.

To select vehicle preconditioning: from the touchscreen HOME menu, swipe left to access the EXTRA FEATURES menu and then select Vehicle Preconditioning.

The vehicle preconditioning departure screen consists of the following:

  1. Time.

  2. Date.

  3. Current time.

  4. Departure Times: Touch to select a departure time within the calendar area. See DEPARTURE TIMES.

  5. Settings icon: Touch to select vehicle preconditioning settings. See PRECONDITIONING SETTINGS.

  6. Power icon: Touch to switch on or off.


Once power is switched off, the settings are maintained and will be available again when power is switched back on.

Vehicle preconditioning can also be set via a smartphone using InControl. See INCONTROL OVERVIEW.