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The low power mode feature reduces energy consumption, and can be used when there is a risk of insufficient driving range before reaching a charging station. When low power mode is activated, non-essential features are automatically switched off or adjusted to extend the vehicle’s current driving range. See LOW POWER MODE PERFORMANCE.

Using the ECO driving mode is recommended for extending the vehicle’s driving range in normal driving conditions. See ECO MODE.

To manually select or deselect the low power mode feature, touch the low power mode icon, from the ENERGY menu screen. See MY ELECTRIC VEHICLE (EV).

The low power mode icon illuminates to confirm selection.


The low power mode automatically deactivates when a charging event is detected. If the battery has sufficient charge, the low power mode deactivates when the vehicle's electrical system is switched off and on again.

The vehicle automatically activates the low power mode feature when the charge level for the high voltage battery is very low. The low power mode remains active until the battery is sufficiently charged and the predicted driving range displays greater than 0 miles.

The instrument panel displays a confirmation message and the low power mode icon, to confirm selection. The instrument panel extinguishes the low power mode icon to confirm deselection.

The RANGE IMPACT menu screen also confirms selection of the low power mode. See RANGE IMPACT.