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Make sure all relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before charging the vehicle. See VEHICLE CHARGING SAFETY.


Make sure you select the correct charging cable for your vehicle when using a public charging station. The charging cable can provide an AC or DC charge, with a connector that matches the vehicle’s charging port.


Make sure that the AC charging cable meets standard SAE J1772.


Always connect the charging cable to the electricity supply before connecting to the vehicle. See VEHICLE CHARGING OVERVIEW.

To connect a charging cable to the vehicle, first prepare the vehicle, and then connect the charging cable.

To prepare the vehicle:

  1. Unlock the vehicle.

  2. Make sure Park (P) is selected.

  3. Open the charging port flap, if using the DC charge port remove the cap. See CHARGING PORT LOCATION.


If the charging cable does not fully engage in the charging port, open the charging port via the smart key or a door handle. See UNLOCKING THE VEHICLE and PASSIVE ENTRY.

To connect the charging cable at home:

  1. Plug in the connector to the electricity supply.

  2. Connect the charging cable to the vehicle charging port.

To connect the charging cable at a public charging facility:

  1. Connect a public charging cable to the vehicle charging port socket.

  2. Follow the instructions on the charging post.

The charging cable is locked into position once connected.

The charging process starts automatically, if all conditions have been met. See CHARGING PORT INDICATORS and CHARGING CABLE INDICATORS.

When charging is complete, unplug and store the charging cable, see DISCONNECTING A CHARGING CABLE.


During AC charging, if a power cut occurs, the charging process stops. Once power is restored, the AC charging process will resume automatically.


If a power cut occurs during DC charging the charging process must be manually resumed.


A power cut may affect the vehicle’s ability to fully charge prior to embarking on a trip.


The vehicle is unable to start with the charging cable connected. See STARTING THE VEHICLE.