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To unlock the charging port when the vehicle is locked:

  1. When DC charging, press the unlock button on the smart key twice. If 2-stage unlocking is active, press the unlock button 3 times to unlock the charging port. See 2-STAGE UNLOCKING .


    When AC charging, unlock the vehicle as normal, either using the smart key or keyless entry. See UNLOCKING THE VEHICLE and KEYLESS ENTRY.

  2. Wait 6 seconds for the charging port lock to release.

  3. Remove the charging cable within 60 seconds.


    If the cable is not released within 60 seconds, the charging port relocks.


    If the smart key's unlock button is pressed once during DC charging, the vehicle unlocks without disrupting the charging process or unlocking the charging port.

Refer to the charging cable's emergency release procedure if the charging port does not release. See CHARGING CABLE EMERGENCY RELEASE.