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Make sure all relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before charging the vehicle. See VEHICLE CHARGING SAFETY.

The home charging cable supplied with the vehicle contains 4 indicators to inform the user of its status.

Power Charging Temperature Fault Description
Off. Off. Off. Off. No electrical supply detected.
On. Off. Off. Off. Cable ready for charging. Wait for the vehicle to request power supply.
On. Flashing. Off. Off. Charging in progress.
On. On. On. On. Cable is carrying out a self-test.
On. Flashing. On. Off. Slow charging due to increased temperature.
On. Off. On. Off. Charging stopped due to temperature.
On. Off. Flashing. Off. Charging process interrupted. Check all connections.
Off. Off. Off. Flashing. Charging fault.
Off. Off. Off. On. The power supply to the vehicle has failed, or is not appropriate for the cable or vehicle.