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Regenerative braking occurs when the vehicle is moving and the accelerator pedal is released. During regenerative braking, the electric motor slows the vehicle by recovering energy into the vehicle's battery to increase vehicle range. The amount of regenerated energy increases up to a maximum level, as the brake pedal is applied. For higher requested levels of braking, the vehicle's foundation brakes are also applied.

The maximum level of regenerated energy may be temporarily reduced in certain events. For example, when the high voltage battery is fully charged or driving the vehicle in very high or low ambient temperatures. Any reduction in regenerative braking capability is indicated via a derate marker displayed in the power gauge. See POWER GAUGE.

The default level of regenerative braking, experienced when the accelerator pedal is released, can be configured between a low and a high setting, as follows:

  1. Touch the EV set-up icon from the MY EV screen to display the regenerative braking settings. See MY ELECTRIC VEHICLE (EV).

  2. Select the required Low or High soft key from the Regenerative Braking menu options.

The low setting provides a level of deceleration that is similar to the gradual braking effect experienced when driving vehicles with a combustion engine. Compared to the high setting, the low setting results in the vehicle traveling a greater distance before stopping, with the accelerator pedal released.

The high setting provides a higher level of deceleration, compared to the low setting, due to an increase in the regenerative braking applied. With the high setting selected, the vehicle deceleration control is increased when partially releasing the accelerator pedal. The high setting can result in a reduction of the alternating operation of the brake and accelerator pedals while driving.

Switch the vehicle creep feature off to allow the vehicle to decelerate to a complete stop, with the accelerator pedal released. See VEHICLE CREEP.

The power gauge displays the instantaneous amount of regenerated energy. See POWER GAUGE.

The trip computer can display the total amount of regenerated energy for the current trip. See USING THE TRIP COMPUTER.

The touch screen can display the total amount of regenerated energy for previous journeys or trips. See HISTORY.