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Use the following guidelines to contribute towards improving the electric vehicle driving range:

  • Only carry items that are required for each journey. Excess weight in the vehicle reduces energy economy.

  • Make sure the vehicle’s tires are inflated to the correct pressure. A correctly inflated tire reduces the rolling resistance of the vehicle. See TIRE PRESSURES.

  • Drive with the windows closed to reduce the vehicle’s air resistance.

  • Limit the use of vehicle features to improve energy economy. See RANGE IMPACT.

  • Anticipate the flow of traffic ahead to avoid the need for heavy braking. Avoiding heavy breaking can help increase energy recovered through regenerative braking. See REGENERATIVE BRAKING.

  • Smooth and gradual acceleration improves energy economy.

  • Maintain an appropriate average speed to improve energy economy.

  • Set a departure time to precondition the cabin temperature and the high voltage battery to its optimum operating temperature when charging the vehicle via an external charging station. See DEPARTURE TIMES.

To increase the range potential of the electric vehicle, make sure to also read the following electric vehicle sections of the Owner’s Handbook. See ECO DATA and MY ELECTRIC VEHICLE (EV).