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Do not adjust the touchscreen controls, or allow the system to distract the driver, while the vehicle is moving. Driver distraction can lead to accidents, potentially causing serious injury or death.


Always start the electric motor during prolonged use of the touchscreen. Failure to do so may discharge the vehicle's battery and prevent the electric motor from starting.


Avoid spilling or splashing liquids onto the touchscreen.


A gloved hand may not operate the touchscreen. Remove glove(s) before selecting any touchscreen features.

Swipe the home menu screen to the left, to access the EXTRA FEATURES screens or to the right, to access the MY HOME screens.

  1. Navigation: Touch to select the NAVIGATION assistance map. See USING THE NAVIGATION SYSTEM.

  2. Media: Touch to select the SELECT SOURCE media screen. If the media system is already switched on, touch to select the current media source menu. See MEDIA CONTROLS.


    When the system is active, current information for the media being played is displayed.

  3. Phone: Touch to select the PHONE screen. See PHONE SYSTEM OVERVIEW.

  4. Status icons: Display the status of a vehicle feature or application. See TOUCHSCREEN STATUS ICONS.

  5. Page indicator: Indicates the number of available screens. The solid dot indicates the position of the currently displayed screen.

  6. Phone shortcut: Touch to select Voicemail when a phone is connected, or the PHONE screen when no phone is connected.

  7. Park assist icon: Touch to switch the PARK ASSIST screen on or off. See PARK ASSIST.

  8. Parking aids icon: Touch to switch the PARKING AIDS screen on or off. See USING THE PARKING AID.

  9. Camera icon: Touch to select the CAMERA screen. See SURROUND CAMERA SYSTEM.

  10. Bluetooth icon: Touch to select the Bluetooth ® wireless technology device screen. See BLUETOOTH® INFORMATION.

  11. Settings icon: Touch to select Home Settings via the SETTINGS pop-up menu.

  12. Home icon: Touch to select the PREVIEWS screen. Touch to select the HOME screen, when in other screens.

  13. Smart settings icon: Touch to select the SMART SETTINGS control screen. See SMART SETTINGS .

    For vehicles without the smart settings feature, a return icon is displayed.


    The return icon is disabled on the HOME screen.

  14. Navigation shortcut: Touch to set a destination or to cancel guidance if a destination is already set.

  15. Media shortcut: Touch to select the media shortcut:

    Bluetooth® and USB: Alternate between play and pause.

    Radio: Station mute.