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The rear climate can be adjusted with the controls located in the rear of the center console.

Control the rear climate as follows:

  1. Rotary controls: The rotary controls function independently from the touchscreen. To operate the rotary controls:

    Push the rotary controls to access heated and climate seat adjustment. See HEATED SEATS. See CLIMATE SEATS.

    Pull the rotary controls to access climate control blower level adjustment. See CLIMATE SETTINGS.

    Rotate the controls to adjust the currently selected function.


    The blower speed is automatically set in AUTO mode. Adjusting the blower speed cancels AUTO mode.

  2. Blower speed decrease: Press to decrease the blower speed.

  3. Blower speed level indicator: The LED displays the current blower speed level.

  4. Blower speed increase: Press to increase the blower speed.

  5. AUTO control: Press to switch automatic operation on.

  6. Air distribution to the feet: Press to switch on or off.

  7. Air distribution to the face: Press to switch on or off.


Some of the buttons have an LED indicator lamp that illuminates to confirm selection.


In addition to the selectable controls, the REAR CLIMATE screen displays symbols that indicate the status of heating and ventilation functions.


If the climate control system is switched off, pressing the rear AUTO button switches the climate control system on.


If the system is in defrost mode, all rear controls are disabled and no airflow is available to the rear occupants.