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The touchscreen display has an anti-trap protection fitted. Before stowing or adjusting the touchscreen display, make sure that no occupants have any part of their body in a position which could be trapped. Even with an anti-trap system, serious injury could occur.


Closing the touchscreen display onto any part of the body can result in serious injury.

The tilt angle of the touchscreen is able to be adjusted.

Touch the settings icon from the HOME screen, followed by Upper display.

The UPPER DISPLAY settings menu is divided into categories.

  • Factory default: Touch to return the screen to factory default mode.

  • Last used: Touch to store the screen in a specific position. On re-entry to the vehicle the last used position is remembered and restored.

  • Stow screen: Touch to return the screen to the stowed position. The screen will automatically revert to the stowed position when the vehicle's electrical system is switched off.

  • Deploy to default: Touch to adjust the screen angle to the full tilt position.

The tilt angle of the screen can also be adjusted by touching the + or - symbols on the screen.