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To customize a favorite feature:

  1. Touch the settings icon. See TOUCHSCREEN HOME MENU.

  2. Touch All settings.

  3. Touch Features.

  4. Touch Favorite button.

Two customizable steering wheel button options are available to program on the FAVORITE BUTTON screen:

  • Short press.

  • Long press.

To replace a stored feature, touching the feature name of the respective button options opens the CONTENT LIBRARY screen.

Touch one of the following menu features to store and replace the present displayed customized button option:

  • Cancel guidance.

  • Next source.

  • Mute speaker.

  • Play/pause.

  • Voicemail.

  • Mute microphone.

  • Hold.

  • Auto reject.

  • Upper screen off.

  • Traffic alerts.

Touch the touchscreen home menu return icon after feature storage. See TOUCHSCREEN HOME MENU.

A corresponding short press or long press on the steering wheel favorite button operates the stored feature. See AUDIO STEERING WHEEL CONTROLS.