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Do not polish the instrument panel. Polished surfaces are reflective and may interfere with the driver’s view, which may lead to an accident causing serious injuries or death.


Do not use upholstery cleaner on electrical equipment such as fascia switches. Certain products may damage the vehicle's electrical equipment.


Do not use fluids on electrical equipment such as switches and screens. Fluids can leak into any gaps around the components or between panels or trim and cause damage to components.

Observe the following points when cleaning screens and displays:

  • To avoid unwanted activation, clean the display while it is switched off.

  • Clean with a soft, dry cloth.

  • Do not use chemical agents or domestic cleaners.

  • Do not allow sharp, hard, or abrasive objects to make contact with screens.

  • Avoid exposing screens to direct sunlight for long periods.

  • To prevent errors occurring, make sure only one finger at a time is in contact with the touchscreen.

  • Do not use excessive pressure.