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Do not adjust the touchscreen controls, or allow the system to distract the driver, while the vehicle is moving. Driver distraction can lead to accidents, causing serious injury or death.

Wi-Fi allows the vehicle to connect to the internet using an external Wi-Fi network.

To enable Wi-Fi, select the settings icon to access the SETTINGS pop-up menu. Select All settings, followed by Connectivity.

The CONNECTIVITY pop-up menu displays Bluetooth, Mobile Data, Hotspot, and Wi-Fi.

Touch the Wi-Fi toggle, to enable Wi-Fi.

Touch Wi-Fi to view any Wi-Fi networks in range.

To connect to an unknown network, select the network name. When the Wi-Fi network is password protected, a keyboard displays to allow entry of the password.

To connect to a known network, select the network and touch Connect, or to forget this network, touch Forget.

To connect to a hidden network, select Add network from the network list. Enter the Network name, Security type, and Password, and press Connect.