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When detailed information is displayed about an address or place, tap the add favorite icon¹ and the place is added to the list of favorites.

Displayed information that is already a favorite displays the edit favorite icon². Touch the edit favorite icon² to view information about the favorite location. The edit favorite icon² gives the option to change the icon and name or to delete it from the list of favorites.

If no route is selected, select the required favorite to set it as a destination. If a route is selected, select the required favorite to add it as a waypoint.


When signed into a Touch Pro Duo navigation profile and InControl navigation account, destinations can be automatically synchronized. Destinations are synchronized between the vehicle, the internet, and the Jaguar InControl Route Planner smartphone app. See TOUCH PRO DUO SETUP and CONNECTED NAVIGATION.

The user can add a personal charging point to the navigation system.

To create or add a personal charging point, touch the edit favourite icon².


Not all electric vehicle charging stations are stored in the navigation database. Adding a personal charging point e.g., home electric vehicle charge station, allows the navigation system to add as a possible route destination.

Add favorite icon¹.

Edit favorite icon².