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To view the NAVIGATION SETTINGS menu, select the settings icon. See USING THE NAVIGATION SYSTEM.

Select Navigation settings from the SETTINGS pop-up menu.

The following options are available:

  • Profile:

    Edit profile: Edit or set up a profile. See TOUCH PRO DUO SETUP.

    Connected feature settings: Manage mobile data and roaming usage.

  • Map views:

    Map features: Enable or disable from a list of available features.

    Auto-zoom: Enable or disable auto-zoom. See MAP AUTO ZOOM.

  • Navigation:

    Route options: Select to avoid certain road features.

    Alerts: Enable or disable from a list of alerts. See ALERTS.

  • Electric vehicle settings:

    Preferred charging stations: Edit or setup preferred charging stations.

    Remaining charge comfort zone: Allows the user to set up notifications for when the user requires charging the electric vehicle battery.

    Save personal charging points: Enable or disable personal charging points. See FAVOURITES .


    If disabled, the system does not search for personal charging points.

    Auto-add charging stations: Enable or disable auto-add charging stations.


    If disabled, electric vehicle charging stations are no longer added automatically to the vehicle's journeys. Electric vehicle charging stations are to be added manually to every journey by the user.

  • Advanced:

    My Commute: Enable or disable the My Commute feature.

    Keyboard layouts: Select extra keyboard layouts.

    Manage profile data: Clear the search history or delete all profile data.

  • About:

    App details: View details of the installed navigation system.

    Installed maps and updates: View the details of the maps currently loaded to the vehicle's navigation system, and check for any updates to installed maps. See MAP UPDATES.

    Help topics: Provides the user information on how to use the navigation system.

    Connected services licences: View connected services licence details.