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Before using Pro Services, please complete the setup of Touch Pro Duo.

Touch Pro Duo is an advanced multimedia system that consists of a sound system, navigation system, and interactive touchscreens.

In order to operate Touch Pro Duo, the following steps should be completed:

  1. Fitting a SIM card.

  2. Enable mobile data connectivity.

  3. Create a Touch Pro Duo navigation profile.

  4. Create an InControl navigation account.

Fitting a SIM card:

The owner is responsible for providing a suitable data-enabled micro SIM card. Please contact a network provider if a replacement SIM card is required.

If a data-enabled micro SIM card requires fitting, please refer to the relevant section of the Owner's Handbook. See FITTING A SIM CARD.

Enable mobile data connectivity:

For all SIM cards, please check and enable mobile data connectivity, if required.

The vehicle would benefit from a connection to the internet. To enable mobile data, please refer to the relevant section of the Owner's Handbook. See MOBILE DATA CONNECTIVITY.

Create a Touch Pro Duo navigation profile:

More than one Touch Pro Duo navigation profile can be created. The Touch Pro Duo navigation profile allows each user to select favourite destinations, previous destinations, and navigation settings.

On first use of Touch Pro Duo navigation, the user is prompted to create and name a profile.

When prompted, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Turn on all to enable all connected navigation features.

Alternatively, the user can enable connected navigation features individually by selecting Turn On next to each feature. See SETTINGS.

To disable connected navigation features, select Cancel.

Create an InControl navigation account:

An InControl navigation account is required to use certain Connected Navigation features.

Once a Touch Pro Duo navigation profile has been created, the user will have to create an InControl navigation account.

In the main navigation screen, select Sign In.

Follow the on-screen instructions to register a new account.