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The smart settings feature allows the user to setup a profile to store and retrieve the user's personal vehicle settings.

When setting up a smart settings profile, the user can select the vehicle smart key to identify the user when unlocking the vehicle. Additionally to the vehicle smart key, the user can setup a profile to use a smartphone to confirm identity. Using the smartphone, allows other users to use the vehicle smart key and not impact saved personal settings.

The smarts settings profile automatically adjusts the vehicle settings to the user’s preferences. For example, radio, climate, memory seats, Head-Up Display (HUD), language, and driver assistance settings adjusts to how the user left all, regardless of who drove the vehicle last.


Not all settings are covered in the above list and adjustable settings may vary depending on vehicle specification.

The smart settings feature also learns how and when the user adjusts comfort and climate settings. For example, smart settings feature can learn that the heated seats and heated steering wheel are turned on below a certain temperature. Additionally, smart settings feature can also learn the most commonly called contact at that point of time, displaying it at the top of the phone contact list.


Smart settings feature only learns and saves usage pattern, if a smart settings profile is created.

When the smart settings feature has learnt the usage pattern, the feature notifies the user. A notification is displayed on the touchscreen, requesting the user, if the learnt usage pattern is to be automatically activated, when a smart setting profile is detected.

Smart settings profile:

The smart settings feature allows for a maximum of 10 profiles only. The touchscreen notifies the user if the smart settings profile list is full, and a profile(s) require deleting.


Recommend user to add key and add phone when smart setting profile is setup.


The user can skip the Add key and Add phone process for smart settings, and return another time using the edit profile icon³.

To create a smart setting profile, select the smart settings icon¹ from the touchscreen HOME menu. See TOUCHSCREEN HOME MENU.

Alternatively, select Smart Settings from the EXTRA FEATURES menu. See EXTRA FEATURES.

From the SMART SETTINGS screen, select Create new profile and follow the on-screen instructions.


Once a profile is created, and the smart settings profile identifies the user, the smart settings icon¹ changes to the user's personalised profile icon².


Smart settings profile uses the vehicle smart key to identify the user, and apply saved personal vehicle settings. The smartphone can also be used in conjunction with smart key to confirm the users identity.

The user has the option to edit the smart setting profile. The user can edit items such as, the profile name, the personalised profile icon, and setup user identification.

To edit a profile, select the edit profile icon³ from the SMART SETTINGS screen.

To delete a smart settings profile, select the edit profile icon³ from the SMART SETTINGS screen. From the PROFILE screen, select Delete profile.

Smart settings icon¹

Profile icon²


The user can choose from a selection of personalised profile icons².

Edit profile icon³