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Do not operate the touchscreen controls, or allow the system to distract the driver, while the vehicle is moving. Doing so may potentially lead to an accident, resulting in serious injury or death.

The DRIVING STYLE menu screen displays when the Eco Data feature is selected from the touchscreen’s EXTRA FEATURES menu. See EXTRA FEATURES.

The displayed information for the current journey consists of:

  1. An average driving style rating: Displays an incremental status for the accelerator pedal use, vehicle speed, and the vehicle braking behavior. The increments range from one, being the least economical and five, being the most economical.


    Touch the accelerator, speed, or brake icons to display a relevant pop-up screen for improvement tips.

  2. A vehicle image: Displays a percentage status summarising the current driving style.

  3. History soft key: Touch to display the HISTORY menu screen for previous trips. See HISTORY.

  4. Distance icon: Displays the distance travelled.

  5. Duration icon: Displays the time period taken.

  6. Speed icon: Displays the average vehicle speed.

  7. Economy icon: Displays the average energy economy.

  8. Trophy icon: Displays if the current journey is the most economical, compared to previous journeys.

  9. Range impact soft key: Touch to display the RANGE IMPACT menu screen. See RANGE IMPACT.