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The instrument panel displays a graphic to indicate which seat belts are fastened at the start of a journey. The graphic also indicates when a seat belt is fastened or unfastened during a journey.


In all cases the graphic covers all rear seating positions and may also display front row positions.

Seating positions are represented by an icon. The icon's color and symbol indicate the seat belt status:

  1. Green: The seat belt is fastened.

  2. Red: The seat belt has been unfastened while the vehicle's electrical system is switched on. The indicator turns gray after a period.

  3. Gray / blank : Indicates that the seat belt is not fastened.


The indicators are displayed when there is a status change. For example, a seat belt is unfastened or fastened, or a door is opened and then closed. In addition, an audible warning sounds when a rear seat belt is unfastened. The warning sound may be delayed if the belt was unfastened at low speed.