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The electronic air suspension system can be lowered to allow easier vehicle access.

To select the access height setting with the suspension currently at the normal height setting, press the down button (2). If the suspension is currently set at the off-road height setting, press the down button twice. The instrument panel displays a confirmation message. See ELECTRONIC AIR SUSPENSION CONTROLS.


Access height selection is available for 1 minute after the vehicle's electrical system is switched off, or 30 seconds if the driver’s door is opened.

Access height selection can be requested at any vehicle speed. The suspension height does not change until the vehicle is travelling at slow speeds. The access height selection request cancels if the vehicle's speed does not slow sufficiently within 1 minute.

Normal driving automatically adjusts the suspension height setting from access height to normal height.

To manually select the normal height setting from the access height setting, press the up button (1).