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Trailer Variant Weight (kg)
Technically permissible maximum towable mass. All vehicles. 750
Nose weight. All vehicles. 45
Gross Train Weight (GTW). All vehicles. 3 420

For details of the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), and the front and rear axle weights, refer to the relevant section of the handbook. See TOWING WEIGHTS.


Include the trailer's nose weight when calculating the GVW.


When calculating the vehicle's rear axle weight, the vehicle's payload weights must also be considered. Include the combined weights of all the rear passengers, the luggage compartment, roof rack, accessory equipment, and the trailer's nose weight.


For further information, contact a retailer/authorised repairer and quote the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). See LABEL LOCATIONS.

Europe only:

When towing, the maximum GVW can be increased by 100 kg, provided that the vehicle's road speed is limited to 97 km/h (60 mph).