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Variant Weight (kg) Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)¹ (kg) Maximum front axle load² (kg) Maximum rear axle load² (kg)
Vehicles without a panoramic roof. 2 140 2 670 1 320 1 450
Vehicles with a panoramic roof. 2 148 2 670 1 320 1 450

¹The maximum permissible weight of the vehicle, inclusive of the driver and passengers, and the vehicle's payload. The vehicle's payload includes the luggage compartment weight, roof rack weight, and accessory equipment weight.

²The front and rear axle maximum weights cannot be reached simultaneously, as this will exceed the GVW limit.

Make sure that the luggage compartment weight does not exceed the maximum axle load or the GVW.


The maximum permitted roof weight, including the weight of the roof rack and roof bars, is 75 kg for all models.


It is recommended that only accessories approved by the vehicle manufacturer are used. If in doubt, consult a retailer/authorised repairer before fitting a roof rack and roof bars, or carrying a roof load.