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The instrument panel displays information, warnings, and menu options to the driver. See WARNING LAMPS AND INDICATORS.

The instrument panel is configurable to display in miles or km. Select the Display and Units instrument panel menus. The temperature and tire pressure units are also configurable. See INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU.

The instrument panel displays the charging status when the vehicle is connected to an external charging station to charge the high voltage battery. See CONNECTING A CHARGING CABLE.

The instrument panel consists of:

  1. Information panel: Displays information and menu selection options.

    To configure the information panel display, select Info panel from the Display instrument panel menu.

  2. Speedometer: Displays the vehicle's current speed. The speedometer displays can be configured to use mph or km/h. Select the Speedometer option via the Display and Units instrument panel menus.

  3. Power gauge: Displays information for operation of the electric vehicle system. See POWER GAUGE.

  4. Trip computer information: Displays the currently selected trip content option. See USING THE TRIP COMPUTER.

The layout is configurable for the interactive driver display in the instrument panel. Select the Display and Display layout instrument panel menus to view and select the required option. The currently selected display layout option is retained after the vehicle's electrical system is switched off and back on again. Select the required display layout option to suit driver preferences.

The available display layout options are as follows:

  • Two dial: Displays the speedometer and power gauge dials. One information panel displays between the dials.

  • One dial: Displays only the power gauge dial. Two information panels also display, i.e., one to the left and one to the right of the power gauge.

  • Full map*: Displays an expanded view of the current navigation system information.

  • Media*: Displays an expanded view of the current media source information.

  • Driver assistance*: Displays an expanded view of the driver assistance features that are currently active.

* Information panels, the speedometer, and power gauge dials do not display with these expanded layout selections.


Although the display layout can be changed, the instrument panel always displays the driving status information. For example, the vehicle’s speed, driving range, and the current driving mode and drive selections.

The instrument panel illumination changes when specific vehicle modes are enabled:

  • Amber illumination occurs when the low power mode is switched on. See LOW POWER MODE.

  • The speedometer and power gauge illumination is enhanced when the dynamic, ECO, or the rain ice snow driving mode is selected. See DRIVING MODES OPERATION.