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When a fuse box lid is removed, take care to protect the box from moisture. Refit the lid at the earliest opportunity.

Fuse box locations are as follows:

  1. Under hood fuse box 1.

  2. Under hood fuse box 2.


    To access the under hood fuse boxes, remove the relevant covers. See UNDER-HOOD COVERS REMOVAL.

  3. High voltage fuse box.


    This fuse box is only accessible by authorized retailers/repairers.

  4. Passenger compartment fuse box.

  5. Luggage compartment fuse box: Remove the panel covering the luggage compartment. A label on the rear of the panel shows the circuits protected and the fuse locations.


The front compartment and luggage compartment fuse boxes contain a number of spare fuses and removal tools for fuse replacement. Relays and fuses not detailed in this Owner's Handbook should only be replaced by qualified persons.

Accessing the passenger compartment fuse box:

To access the passenger compartment fuse box:

  1. Make sure the seat cushion comes away from its fixing points in the seat base.

  2. Pull up on the seat cushion from the front edge of the second row seat base.


Do not lift the seat cushion up from the back, as this exposes circuitry cables. Touching exposed circuitry could potentially cause personal injury or death if tampered with.

Once the seat cushion is lifted, access to the fuse box cover panel is available.

To access the fuse box, remove the cover panel as illustrated.

To reinstall the cover panel and seat cushion, reverse the removal process.


When installing the seat cushion, make sure the fixing points are aligned above the corresponding positions in the seat base. Push the seat cushion down onto the seat base. A click is heard as the fixing points engage.


Once the seat cushion is in place, make sure the seat is secured correctly by attempting to lift the edge of the cushion.