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Make sure the following warnings have been read and fully understood before using components with coin or button cell batteries. Failure to follow the guidance could result in serious injury or death.


Chemical burn hazard. Batteries can cause severe internal burns within 2 hours of swallowing and may result in death. If it is suspected that a battery may have been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body, seek medical advice immediately.


Keep new and used batteries away from children.


If the battery compartment does not close securely, stop using the product and keep the product away from children.

The instrument panel displays a warning message if the smart key battery needs replacing. A depleted smart key battery significantly decreases its effective range.

To replace the battery:

  1. Push the button on the smart key, to remove the emergency key blade.

  2. Pull the emergency key blade in the direction of the arrow.

  3. Use the emergency key blade to separate the smart key's body.

  4. Remove the battery and press the upper positive terminal until the negative grid is touched. Upon recovering the position of the terminal, the coin cell shall have firm positive contact with the upper terminal.

  5. Fit a new and unused CR2032 type battery, available from a retailer/authorized repairer, with the positive (+) side upward.

  6. For cars with passive entry: after replacing the battery, allow 10 minutes for the internal battery to recharge before testing the smart key function.


Avoid touching the new battery. Moisture or oil from fingers can reduce battery life and corrode the contacts.


If the low battery warning does not extinguish, it indicates that the replacement battery is not in a new and unused condition.

Refit the parts in reverse order. Make sure that the parts click securely into place.

Battery disposal: Batteries contain harmful substances and must be disposed of correctly. Seek advice on disposal from a retailer/authorized repairer and/or the local authority.