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  1. Lock button: With all of the doors closed, press the lock button to lock all of the doors and the luggage area.

  2. Unlock button: Press an unlock button to unlock all of the doors and the luggage area.

  3. Door handle: Pull to unlock or release the door. Operating the door handle on either front door unlocks all of the doors.


If the vehicle is locked with the smart key, operating an interior door handle unlocks only that door. If the door is opened, the alarm sounds.


The rear door child safety locks inhibit operation of the interior door handles.

Door handles:
  1. Keyless unlock: Press to unlock and disarm the vehicle. The door handles deploy on all unlocked doors. See KEYLESS ENTRY.


    A handle in the deployed position indicates an unlocked door.

  2. Keyless single lock: Press the lock button on the door handle to single lock the vehicle.

  3. Keyless double lock: After single locking, press the lock button on the door handle again within 3 seconds to double lock the vehicle. See DOUBLE LOCKING.


    A handle in the retracted flush position indicates a locked door or a vehicle speed above 8 km/h (5 mph).

Emergency opening:
  1. Emergency key blade access: Push the release button and pull to withdraw the key blade.

  2. Lock barrel access: If the smart key and keyless entry fail to open the vehicle, insert the key blade into the lock barrel behind the driver's door handle. To access the lock barrel, push on the front end of the handle, which presents the rear of the handle. Pull the handle out to the deployed position to give access to the lock barrel.


    Make sure that the emergency key is inserted in the orientation shown above. Failure to do so may result in damage to the vehicle’s paintwork.

    To unlock the door, turn the key blade clockwise and release. The alarm sounds until the smart key is positioned correctly to disarm the alarm. The alarm also sounds if the unlock button is pressed on the smart key. To lock, turn the key blade counter-clockwise and release.


    The operation locks all of the doors, but does not arm the alarm.