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Failure to observe cautions and warnings may result in vehicle damage, injury, or DEATH in the event of an accident.


Never adjust the touchscreen controls, or allow the system to distract the driver, while the vehicle is moving.


Always operate or adjust the system only when it is safe to do so.


Before attempting to perform any repairs on a vehicle, consult a retailer/authorized repairer.


Air ionisation technology is designed to improve the air quality within the cabin.

Climate and comfort settings can be used to adjust the vehicle's interior atmosphere and seat temperature levels.

To access the FRONT CLIMATE screen, touch the Climate icon on the lower touchscreen. See LOWER TOUCHSCREEN CONTROLS.

To switch on or off, touch or press the following screen icons, soft keys or menu setting options:

  1. A/C: This mode can be switched on or off independently of the other climate control functions.

  2. MAX A/C.

  3. Recirculation: To operate recirculation:

    Touch briefly to select timed recirculation. Recirculation switches off automatically after a set time (dependent on the ambient temperature).

    Touch and hold to select latched recirculation. Recirculation remains on until the icon is pressed again.


    Prolonged use at low temperatures may cause the windows to mist.

  4. Settings: See CLIMATE SETTINGS.

  5. Climate.

  6. Power.

  7. Connect to smart phone: See INCONTROL OVERVIEW.

  8. Air distribution: To the windshield.

  9. Seat comfort adjustment: Seat comfort and adjustment controls. See SEAT COMFORT AND ADJUSTMENT.

  10. Heated windshield: If left on, the heated windshield deactivates after a timed period, dependent on the outside temperature.


    The heated windshield and rear screen operate only when the electric motor is started.


    In cold ambient conditions, the windshield and rear screen heaters switch on automatically when the electric motor is started. The function can be switched on or off via Climate settings. See CLIMATE SEATS.

  11. Sync: front and rear passenger’s climate settings to the driver's settings.

  12. Max heated windshield.

  13. Rear heated windshield.


    Do not attach labels to the rear screen. Do not scrape or use abrasive materials to clean the inside of the rear screen.

  14. Rotary controls: The rotary controls function independently from the touchscreen. To operate the rotary controls:

    When the climate screen is active, push the rotary controls to access heated and climate seat adjustment. See HEATED SEATS and CLIMATE SEATS.

    When the seats screen is active, push the rotary controls to adjust ambient temperature.

    Pull the rotary controls to access climate control blower level adjustment. See CLIMATE SETTINGS.

    Rotate the controls to adjust the currently selected function.


    The blower speed is automatically set in AUTO mode. Adjusting the blower speed cancels AUTO mode.

  15. Air distribution: To the upper body.

  16. Air distribution: To the lower body.

  17. AUTO: Various options for AUTO mode can be set via the Climate settings menu. See CLIMATE SETTINGS.

  18. Smart climate: Smart climate automatically detects where occupants are sitting in the vehicle and distributes air accordingly. This improves vehicle range through efficient use of power.

  19. Front or Rear climate.

  20. Air ionisation: This mode can only be activated when air distribution to the face has been selected.


AUTO mode is the recommended normal operating mode. The Air Conditioning (A/C) and heating and ventilation controls automatically provide an optimum environment at the selected temperature.


Some of the buttons have an LED indicator lamp that illuminates to confirm selection.


If the climate control system is switched off, pressing an AUTO button or the defrost button switches the climate control system on.


Water expelled by the A/C system may collect underneath the vehicle, when parked. The expelled water is not a cause for concern.

The following applies if this vehicle is fitted with an air ionizer.:

United States of America, Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA):

This vehicle, which may be fitted with a regulated pesticide device (air ionizer) was produced at the following facility: EPA Est. 93184-AUT-1

California Air Resources Board (ARB), Air Cleaning Devices Regulation:

The following applies to the air ionizer device that may be fitted in this vehicle: