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Do not operate the instrument panel controls while the vehicle is moving. Doing so may cause driver distraction, potentially resulting in an accident, causing serious injury or death.

The instrument panel's display settings and some vehicle features can be configured via the instrument panel menus. Use the controls mounted on the left side of the steering wheel to display and navigate through the instrument panel menus.

Operate as follows:

  1. Thumbwheel: Press and release to display the instrument panel menus. The instrument panel displays the menu list to confirm selection. The menus do not display if the instrument panel displays any warning or information messages. In this event, press the thumbwheel to clear each message after reading and taking any required action. See GENERAL WARNING AND INFORMATION MESSAGE (AMBER).

  2. Thumbwheel: Rotate to scroll up or down a menu list.

  3. >> icon: Press and release to view the sub-list for the highlighted menu. Alternatively, press and release the thumbwheel.

  4. << icon: Press and release to return to the previous menu.

    << icon: Press and hold to close and exit the menus.

The displayed menu options are as follows:

  • Phone: Only available when a phone is connected to vehicles with a virtual instrument panel.

  • Media: Only available on vehicles with a virtual instrument panel.

  • Driver assistance.

  • Trip.

  • Display.

  • Head-up display: The availability of this feature is dependent on the specification of the vehicle.

  • Vehicle settings.


    Before making any changes to the Vehicle settings, make sure to read and fully understand the relevant sections and topics of the Owner's Handbook. Failure to do so can lead to serious injury or death.

  • Vehicle info.