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The smart key may not be detected if placed within a metal container, or shielded by a device with a back-lit LCD screen. For example, a smartphone, laptop, including when inside a laptop bag, or a games console. Keep the smart key clear of such devices when attempting keyless entry, a vehicle start, or the start backup procedure.


Starting an Electric Vehicle (EV) is not possible if it is plugged into a charging point and charging. The vehicle is also locked in Park (P) while charging. The instrument panel displays the message Disconnect Charge Cable Before Starting Vehicle to inform the driver that starting has been inhibited.

To start the vehicle:

  1. Make sure a valid smart key is inside the vehicle.

  2. Make sure P is selected.

  3. Press the brake pedal firmly.

  4. Press and release the START/STOP button on the dashboard.

The instrument panel displays the message Ready. See POWER GAUGE.

The electric motor is now enabled, and ready to provide propulsion energy to the vehicle's driveline, once a drive selection is made. See DRIVING AN ELECTRIC VEHICLE.

Before leaving the vehicle, make sure that safe driver exit conditions are met. See DRIVER EXIT.


Failure to leave the vehicle in a safe condition may cause an accident, leading to injury or death.