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The closing vehicle sensing system does not operate when:

  • Reverse (R) or Park (P) is selected.

  • The vehicle's speed is below 10 km/h (6 mph).

  • The sensors become blocked.

  • The blind spot monitor system is not operating.

  • The vehicle is travelling around a tight bend.

  • An electrical connector is connected to a Jaguar Land Rover approved trailer socket.


The closing vehicle sensing system remains disabled if a trailer is disconnected from the trailer socket while the engine is still running. Switch the vehicle's ignition off, then back on again, to enable the closing vehicle sensing system.

The closing vehicle sensing system:

  • Works most effectively on multi-lane roads.

  • Monitors an area of approximately 3.3 m from the side of the vehicle, and approximately 70 m behind the vehicle.

  • May register false targets if travelling along a narrow lane.

  • Does not work accurately if the sensors are misaligned due to bumper modifications, impact damage, etc.

The instrument panel and touchscreen display messages to inform the driver of any performance or system issues.