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Do not adjust the touchscreen controls while the vehicle is moving. Driver distraction can lead to accidents and potentially cause serious injury or death.

The (All Surface Information) ASI Suite extra feature displays information for the status of the vehicle's driveline and the currently selected driving mode.

The DRIVE INFORMATION screen is displayed when the All Surface Information menu is selected from the ASI Suite extra feature. See EXTRA FEATURES.

Touch the relevant icon to display the required information:

  1. Drive information icon: Touch to display information about the vehicle’s wheels, transmission, and driveline.

    The following information is displayed:

    The current automatic transmission gear selection.

    The status of the driveline system, i.e., the automatic switching between All Wheel Drive (AWD) and Front Wheel Drive (FWD).

    The highlighted increments, on the front and rear axles, indicate the constantly varying distribution of the active driveline torque, currently being supplied to each wheel.


    The availability of this information is dependent on the specification of the vehicle.

    The displayed front wheels on the graphic move to indicate the current steering angle.

  2. (Jaguar Drive Control) JDC information icon: Touch the icon to display information and guidance for the currently selected driving mode. The information does not display if the vehicle is moving.

  3. The highlighted icons indicate other vehicle features that are currently enabled. For example, All Surface Progress Control (ASPC), low friction launch, and the currently selected driving mode.


    The number of available icons is dependent on the specification of the vehicle.

For some vehicles, the ASI Suite extra feature also allows selection of the low friction launch feature. See LOW FRICTION LAUNCH.