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Motor manufacturers and distributors are bound by the uniform code of practice for the recall of motor vehicles and/or parts. They will check and repair, free of charge, any vehicles which are found to have a possible safety-related defect.

Jaguar Land Rover takes scrupulous care in making its vehicles safe for our roads. The chances of the vehicle being subject to a safety defect recall during its life are small.

However, should such an event occur that affects the model purchased, it is best to adhere to the advice given in any letter received from us. The advice given may involve a retailer carrying out a check on the vehicle. Contact a retailer and arrange an appointment as speedily as possible.

The retailer records the reference details of any work carried out on a decal. The decal is then affixed to the right-side, front A pillar, which forms part of the surround for the right-side front door aperture. Once fixed, this label must not be removed.