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Changing between the driving modes alters various vehicle settings. For example, the engine's revolution speed (rpm) may alter while at a constant accelerator pedal position. The adaptive dynamics suspension and the steering system may also feel heavier or lighter. The setting changes are not dramatic but are noticeable.


The comfort driving mode is automatically selected each time the ignition is switched on. The previous driving mode selection is not retained when the ignition is switched off.

Selecting a driving mode coordinates the vehicle’s systems to suit the prevailing driving conditions or the current driving style.

Make sure that the correct driving mode is selected for the current driving conditions or the required driving style. The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system operation is automatically adapted to suit the current driving mode selection. See DYNAMIC STABILITY CONTROL (DSC).


The lever on the driving mode switch returns to the central position when released.

The driving mode switch is located on the centre console.

Repeatedly move the switch lever forward or backward to scroll through the driving mode options. The instrument panel displays the available driving mode options. The instrument panel confirms selection by illuminating the icon for the currently selected driving mode.

The touchscreen can display information and guidance for the currently selected driving mode. Select the (All Surface Information) ASI Suite extra feature. See ALL SURFACE INFORMATION (ASI).