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Warning labels attached to the vehicle bearing this symbol mean: Read the relevant instructions before touching or adjusting any vehicle components.

Labels showing this symbol indicate that the ignition system utilises very high voltages. Do not touch any ignition components while the ignition is switched on.

Extra information labels may also be found at these locations:

  1. The vehicle weights and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) label: Located at the base of the driver's side B pillar. The vehicle's build-date plate (Australian vehicles only) is also located here. The VIN can also be displayed in the instrument panel via the Vehicle info and Vehicle VIN menus. See INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU.


    The VIN number may be requested by the retailer/authorised repairer.

  2. Tyre pressure label: Located at the base of the driver's side B pillar.

  3. Airbag warning label: Located at the base of both B pillars.

  4. Airbag label: Located on the passenger's sun visor.

  5. VIN: Stamped on to a plate, which is visible through the bottom left side of the windscreen.

  6. Battery warning symbols label: Located on the top face of the vehicle's main battery.

  7. Engine number (2.0L petrol): The number is located on the breather module.

  8. Engine number (2.0L diesel): The number is located on the inlet manifold.

  9. Air Conditioning (A/C) label: Located on the left-side bonnet locking platform.

  10. Exhaust emissions label: Located on the underside of the bonnet.

  11. VIN number: Marked on a panel located alongside the suspension turret.

  12. Fuel specification label: Located on the inside face of the fuel filler flap.

To make sure that the vehicle and its features are used safely, it is important to be familiar with these subjects. Using the index at the back of this handbook, refer to the relevant topic for more information.