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Never leave the detachable tow ball loose in the vehicle. In the event of heavy braking or an accident, it can become a projectile, potentially resulting in serious injury or death.


The detachable tow ball is very heavy. Extreme care must be taken when handling it. Make sure that no part of the body is below the tow ball when fitting and removing it. Use both hands to maintain secure handling of the tow ball. Failure to do so may result in personal injury.

To fit the detachable tow ball, proceed as follows:

  1. Pull the protective cover downward to remove it from the tow bar. Store the protective cover in a safe place.


    Note the orientation of the protective cover to enable refitting.

  2. Make sure that the handwheel aperture display is red, to confirm that the handwheel is in the unlocked position.


    If the handwheel aperture display is black, push and turn the handwheel clockwise until red displays.

  3. Using both hands, push the detachable tow ball into the tow bar until an audible click is heard to confirm correct fitting.

  4. The handwheel automatically rotates and displays green in the aperture to confirm correct fitting of the tow ball .

  5. Gently pull the protective cover to release it from the key slot.

  6. Insert the key. Turn the key clockwise to lock the detachable tow ball's handwheel. Remove the key. Refit the protective cover. Store the key in a safe place.

Manually deploy the electrical socket (2), located on the tow bar. Make sure to stow the electrical socket (1) after removing the detachable tow ball.

Remove the detachable tow ball if it is not required for immediate use. Make sure it is securely stored in a safe place. See REMOVING THE DETACHABLE TOW BALL.