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Before folding a rear seat, make sure that the seat is not occupied. Make sure that no other occupant has any part of the body on the seat cushion. Make sure no one reaches into the area of the seat being folded. Pay particular attention when one seat is already folded. Reaching into this area creates a risk of entrapment and serious injury.


Beware of trapping fingers when raising and lowering the rear seatbacks.


Before folding the rear seats, make sure that all objects have been removed from the seat being folded. Failure to remove any objects may result in damage to the seat.


Before folding or raising a rear seat, make sure the rear seat belts are fully retracted and positioned against their respective D pillars.

The rear seatbacks can be folded or raised individually.

To fold a rear seatback:

  1. Press the button on the head restraint adjusting collar. Simultaneously fully lower the head restraint.

  2. Press the seatback locking button and fold the seatback fully forward.

Raising a folded seat is the reverse of the folding process.

When the seatback is fully raised and locked into position, the locking button returns to the flush position.


The rear seatback is not fully locked if the red warning indicator on the locking button is still visible. Do not use the rear seat if the red warning indicator is visible. In the event of an accident, serious injury or death may result. Consult a retailer/authorised repairer if the seatback fails to fully lock.