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If the vehicle has been driven recently, do not touch any exhaust system components until they have cooled.

Access to a rear fog light housing is from beneath and behind the rear bumper. The bulb holder is a black plastic unit that incorporates the bulb. No tools are required but a torch may be of use.

  1. To remove the bulb holder, press in the outer wings on the black plastic unit and pull the holder free of the housing.

  2. To separate the bulb holder from the electrical connector, first push up the connector lock.

  3. Push in the release mechanism while pulling the connector and bulb holder apart.


Inside the bulb holder are three locating lugs. When fitting the new bulb unit, the lugs must line up to the connector correctly.

Refitting is a reverse of the removal process. Make sure the connector lock is pressed down and that the bulb unit locates securely into the fog light housing.