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The trip computer displays information and stores data for a series of trips. A trip is the distance travelled since the last memory reset, via the trip computer. The maximum trip distance display is 9 999.9 (km or miles). The trip distance then automatically resets to zero. A journey is the complete distance travelled when the vehicle's electrical system is switched on and then switched off.

Select the Trip and Trip bank instrument panel menus to display the required trip, i.e., Trip A, Trip B, or Trip Auto. See INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU.

The trip computer can be configured to display the trip units in miles or km. Select the Trip and Units instrument panel menus.

To configure the trip content options, to be available for display in the instrument panel, select the Trip and Content instrument panel menus.

Press and release the trip button to change the trip content option displayed in the instrument panel.

The available trip content display options are as follows:

  • Date.

  • Trip distance.

  • Average speed.

  • Average economy.

  • Instantaneous economy.

  • Range.

  • Driving style. See DRIVING STYLE.

  • The final option is blank, i.e., no text. When selected, no trip content displays.

Some of the trip computer display option values can be reset to zero. Select and display the relevant trip computer display option. Press and hold the trip button for 2 seconds.

The trip distance, average speed, and average economy values for the trips can be reset. Set the trip computer display to show the required trip to reset. Press and hold the trip button until the instrument panel displays the Resetting message.

Select the Trip bank and Trip Auto instrument panel menus to automatically reset Trip Auto each time the ignition is switched on.

Select the Trip bank and Trip Auto instrument panel menus to add, or remove, the distance figure of another trip to the Trip Auto figure. Press the trip button for longer than 1 second, when the Trip Auto values for distance, average speed, and average fuel economy are displayed. The instrument panel displays either the Adding last journey or Removing last journey message. Press the trip button for longer than 1 second to select the desired option. The previous trip information is added to, or removed from, the Trip Auto and the new total displays. There is no limit to the number of times this can be done before the ignition is switched off.