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Dual view allows the front passenger to view or listen to media, while the driver is using an alternative system, e.g., radio or navigation.

To operate the dual view controls:

  1. While in the selected screen, e.g., navigation, touch the dual view icon.

  2. The SELECT SOURCE screen and dual view information banner are displayed in the header. Select the chosen media source, e.g., media player.

  3. Touch the settings icon for the passenger to make changes to the selected media source.

  4. Touch the return icon, when changes are complete. The original selected screen view, e.g., navigation, is returned to the driver. The selected media source view remains visible to the passenger.

  5. If the passenger wants to take control of the touchscreen, the settings icon and then the dual view icon should be touched. This takes both the passenger and the driver back to the selected media source and displays the dual view controls in the footer.

    To return to dual view, touch the return icon or wait for a period of 10 seconds. The display returns to dual view.


The dual view controls are also displayed on the driver's view.