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Make sure the relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before driving the vehicle. See ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL SAFETY.

Queue assist enhances the adaptive cruise control follow mode feature. See FOLLOW MODE.

Queue assist operates at lower speeds than follow mode, allowing the feature to be used in slow-moving lines of traffic.

When the targeted vehicle slows to a standstill, queue assist brings the vehicle to a standstill. When the targeted vehicle moves off, briefly press the accelerator pedal, if safe to do so. Queue assist now maintains a constant gap to the vehicle ahead.


Queue assist may not recognise a stationary vehicle or object. It is important that the driver is prepared to press the brake pedal when approaching stationary vehicles or objects, to avoid an impact if necessary.

In certain conditions, queue assist also applies the Electric Parking Brake (EPB). Adaptive cruise control deactivates when the EPB is applied.