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If in any doubt regarding being able to carry out the instructions, contact a retailer/authorized repairer before attempting the repair.


A tire repair system may not be standard equipment on all vehicles.


Vehicles supplied with a tire repair system may not have a jack and wrench tools fitted as standard equipment.

  1. Luggage compartment's floor panel: Lift the rear edge and pull to remove.

  2. Compressor.

  3. Sealant bottle.

  4. Locking wheel nut adaptor.

For vehicles not supplied with a spare wheel, a tire repair system is stored under the luggage compartment's floor panel. See WHEEL CHANGING.

The tire repair system can be used to repair one punctured tire. Make sure to read the complete tire repair system section of the handbook before attempting to repair a tire.

The tire repair system seals most punctures with a maximum diameter of 6 mm, if the puncture is within the tread area (A). See TIRE REPAIR SYSTEM SAFETY.


The sealant used in the tire repair system has a shelf life. The expiration date is shown on the tire sealant bottle. Make sure that the container is replaced before the expiration date. Also make sure that the sealant is replaced after each use.