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Speed limiters are driving aids only. Driving with due care and attention, and in a manner which is safe for the vehicle, its occupants and other road users, remains the driver’s responsibility. Driving without due care and attention greatly increases the risk of an accident.


In certain conditions, such as a steep downhill gradient, the vehicle's speed may exceed the set speed limit. Driver intervention may be required as engine braking is unable to maintain or reduce the vehicle's speed. Driving at speeds above the set speed limit may infringe on local laws.


Speed limiters are not available when cruise control is in operation. When the vehicle's ignition is first switched on, the vehicle reverts to whichever system was used previously, either cruise control or the speed limiter.

Two types of speed limiter are available:

  • Speed limiter.

  • Adaptive speed limiter.

The speed limiter allows the driver to manually restrict the maximum vehicle speed.

The adaptive speed limiter works in conjunction with the traffic sign recognition and navigation systems to restrict the maximum vehicle speed.

  1. LIM.

  2. SET+.

  3. RES.

  4. -.

  5. CAN.

To switch the speed limiter function on, press the LIM button on the steering wheel.


When the vehicle's ignition is first switched on, and the speed limiter function is selected, speed limiter always displays first. To switch between the speed limiter and the adaptive speed limiter, press and hold the CAN button on the steering wheel.

To activate the speed limiter, see SPEED LIMITER CONTROLS.

To activate the adaptive speed limiter, see ADAPTIVE SPEED LIMITER CONTROLS.