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The touchscreen's side panel allows features to be displayed and controlled independently of the main view. See MEDIA CONTROLS.

The following features can be displayed, alongside the main view:

  • Media: Displays the currently selected media source, and enables tracks, channels, or stations to be changed and the sound to be muted.

  • Navigation: Displays either the current location or the set destination, the ETA, or the distance remaining to the destination.

  • Phone: Displays a list of recent calls, details for the call in progress, and the end call and mute call icons.

  • Weather: Displays the temperature and a description of the current weather. Also displays the weather for the set destination and favorite locations.

  • News: Displays the headlines of the selected news channel and enables news stories to be read out.


    The weather and news are features that utilize InControl Pro Services. See CONNECTED NAVIGATION.

For more detailed information, touch the center of the feature to shortcut to the main display.